Why a form can be the worst UX example ever

8 years ago from Emily Campbell, Design Specialist @ InVision, Mentor at OOOHours and DesignLab

  • Arian BehzadiArian Behzadi, almost 8 years ago


    Our HR Benefits portal has this awful login where you have to choose "type" of login (by employee id or social security no.), input that, then input a alphanumericcharacter password that I can never seem to remember.

    It has never taken me less than 3 tries to get in. Partly because sometimes I input the right password, but accidentally typed in social security and had employee ID selected.

    And once I'm in, well that UX is a whole different story.

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    • Kevin TwohyKevin Twohy, almost 8 years ago

      On the very rare occasions where I'm forced against my will to interact with our HR portal, I'm convinced that it's some kind of UX reality/horror show and that Jared Spool is going to jump out any moment wearing a trucker hat and tell me I've been Punk'd.

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