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9 years ago from Jonathan Courtney, UX Designer/Founder at AJ&Smart

  • Jonathan CourtneyJonathan Courtney, 9 years ago

    Could you please explain what you mean rather than being rude and non-constructive?

    Maybe suggest the title you would have chosen.

    I thought it was an interesting design solution so I posted it.

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    • Catalin CimpanuCatalin Cimpanu, 9 years ago (edited 9 years ago )

      "Adaptive Placeholders" would have been a good title since it tells me what I can find after I click. Your title is in the realm of what you usually see on TMZ "Secret solution used by two famous stars for their quick weight loss"

      I like this site and I don't want it to turn into HackerNews were people are just posting for points. Just share the links without over-hyping. And I'm not rude... I'm just telling it like it is.

      And there's nothing "sweet" about it since the idea is probably copied from JVFloat.js which ported it from an Objective-C class, which recycled it from a very old Dribbble GIF. IMHO it doesn't fix any usability problem since there's nothing wrong with placeholders. Developers are just over-using them in places where they shouldn't. Two-three angry bloggers a problem does not make.

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      • Abhijit RawoolAbhijit Rawool, 9 years ago

        Even I don't think use of placeholders is a problem. Its the overuse of the placeholders that is a problem. On longer forms, I would still prefer to use traditional labels against placeholders.

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      • Jonathan CourtneyJonathan Courtney, 9 years ago

        Fair enough Catalin.

        I didn't intend on making this a sensationalist headline and I personally don't care where the solution originated (I just wanted to show it to people who might not have seen it), but i'll definitely keep your points in mind next time I post.

        I don't know or need to know why you're so bitter, but I would suggest in future to not try to reduce the comment section to a YouTube level of immaturity.

        Instead, give constructive feedback, let people know why you disagree and help improve the site you claim to love so much.

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        • Radu NicolaieRadu Nicolaie, 9 years ago (edited 9 years ago )

          His job title is "Editor"... probably he has a chief editor that drilled him into proper "titles" :))) But he's true. You "mislead" me too ... I thought it was something about menus. I'm pretty bummed right about now...

          ... nah...just kidding

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