Ask DN: Captchas

almost 7 years ago from Raphael Loder

  • Darth BaneDarth Bane, almost 7 years ago

    "Why do I as a user have to suffer because of problems that aren't my own"

    Although I agree at a certain level, this is just life. We all suffer because of problems that aren't our own. There are evil and malicious people on this planet, and as long as there are, most things in life will be a hassle.

    Only way to change it is to live a good life and hope the world follows. In 100 years we might be able to do online banking without jumping through a billion hoops. ;)

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    • Raphael Loder, almost 7 years ago

      Hold on there a moment:

      this is just first world problems. I don't really "suffer" because I have troubles signing up for an online service ;) It was just a hyperbole. But I really think this kind of thing can be avoided.

      This isn't that kind of "OMG, I can't live without teh interwebz" sort of post, rather an angry rant against HN registration and Captchas in general ;)

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