Why a form can be the worst UX example ever

almost 8 years ago from Emily Campbell, Design Specialist @ InVision, Mentor at OOOHours and DesignLab

  • Sash CatanzariteSash Catanzarite, almost 8 years ago

    Even worse is credit card forms that fail if the user enters spaces, i.e. "xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx" rather than simply removing the spaces on submission. Related to the OP's point, because if that fails, the user then hast to retype the number, even if it was correct the first time. Bonus UX fail points if the whole form clears when the cc number fails.

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    • , almost 8 years ago

      I had the misfortune of having to book an unaccompanied minor plane ticket on Southwest. Instead of giving me the option of entering my daughter's information first, they had me fill out the full payment form THEN asked me if she was flying alone THEN had me fill out her info (a task in itself) THEN had me fill out my credit card info again. Certainly stress inducing and horrible UI.

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    • Marc EdwardsMarc Edwards, almost 8 years ago

      YES. This can be even worse if the field is limited to the expected number of digits, so you paste in a number that has spaces or dashes and the field truncates the entire thing — damaging the number irreparably.

      The only choice (after realising that's what the stupid website does) is to paste the number somewhere else, edit, copy, then come back to the form and paste again.

      So horrible, and so easy to fix.

      My bank does this.

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