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4 years ago from Colm Tuite, Designer/Developer

  • Colm TuiteColm Tuite, 4 years ago

    Thanks Pierre, really appreciate the feedback!

    By 'guides', do you mean tutorials? When I launch beta I'm planning to provide some short video tutorials.

    You might have a good point with the toolbar. I'll probably add a lot more hints and tooltips soon.

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    • Pierre VerrierPierre Verrier, 4 years ago

      You betcha Colm! It's my pleasure.

      By guides, which didn't really need to be quotes, I mean't vertical and horizontal lines that serve as guidelines a user can setup to structure their canvas. I see that you have a version of smart guides already in place.

      Also, I'm certain a few short video tutorials never hurt anyone :)

      Looking forward to seeing the evolution from the strong base. Cheers

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