Let's Redesign the Save Icon(branch.com)

over 6 years ago from P.J. Onori, Lead Product Designer at Pinterest

  • Samihah ASamihah A, over 6 years ago

    Hmm - I propose...the door to a bank vault, or safe. http://istockpho.to/11OKqus

    On a more serious note, we should look at what exactly it means to save and the emotional reaction towards saving and what it means now (sometimes saving is actually uploading to dropbox/box/something else, other times it's literally saving to your hard disk, or a thumb drive, etc). So even though saving in the cloud vs locally are technically different, to the average user, the purpose (and possibly the perception of the two methods) is the same: to retrieve the information later.

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    • Account deleted over 6 years ago

      Not a bad idea. There’s a common perception (reinforced by the use of a floppy disk and cloud iconography) that “Save” means “Commit to Disk” or “Push to Cloud.”

      “Save” means “Make This Safe.”

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