I hate Sketch because of sketch

6 years ago from Ryan Mack, Product Designer

  • Chris CampbellChris Campbell, 6 years ago

    Considering how few people work on it, and how new it is, compared to apps like Photoshop, it's pretty remarkable what they've been able to create.

    Sure, it's got bugs, but none I've come across are show-stoppers. Most of them are minor annoyances, and it's getting better and better with every release.

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    • Marc EdwardsMarc Edwards, 6 years ago (edited 6 years ago )

      it's pretty remarkable what they've been able to create


      how new it is

      DrawIt 3.1: Dec 2009.

      Sketch 1: 2010?

      Sketch 2: Jan 2011.

      Sketch 3: April 2014.

      When does it stop being considered “new”?

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    • Luis La TorreLuis La Torre, 6 years ago

      Well they got our monies now, they should be able to hire more peeps right?

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    • Bennett WongBennett Wong, almost 6 years ago

      What is a show-stopper? I've been using Sketch 3 since it came out, recently used it solely for a new project (feeling adventurous). Had some client feedback I needed to turn around super quick and discovered Sketch didn't like my subgroups and refused to align them properly in any way. Did all my alignments by eye. Punched a brick wall.

      I love Sketch to death I just wish wish wish it wasn't so buggy. I probably come across a handful of new bugs everyday. Some are minor but still f*cking annoying.

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