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  • Michael SchultzMichael Schultz, almost 6 years ago

    Definitely let us know when you need themes. Tons of us here willing to help out.

    I think most of us here really want to be able to push to our own servers. I know there was a comment above but could you give us some more clarity on the plans and perhaps the reasoning for not allowing this from the "git" go?

    ;) see what I did there?

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    • Dave SniderDave Snider, almost 6 years ago

      I answer this in our first update. Here's the main bits.

      Can I self-host a Webhook site?

      By far our most asked question. Short answer: We'll start looking into it after we've launched. We would like to have another engineer on board first.

      Although Webhook generates static sites, there are a lot of integrated systems we have in place that make things a bit more complex. Outside of needing a server to build sites, we also store data in a Firebase, host and version your static assets, provide search, send notification emails, and resize your images at the template layer at build time (rather than having to resize everything beforehand). Self-hosting will require setting up all that on your own, we know some of you are up to it, but we want to make sure it is something we can provide a great experience for.

      Remember, the reason we started Webhook was to make complex content websites easy to set up. We are focusing on that first, and will provide tools for self-hosters as soon as we possibly can after.

      Beyond that the reality is that we're a three man team. I don't want to release a crappy, hack experience for self-hosting just to cross it off our list. I'd like to provide a fully documented, well-planned open-source project that is something I can feel proud of. All that I quote above is true. It would also require more than $20 a month to get running on your own.

      • Your own firebase.
      • Your own google app engine server for image resizing.
      • Your own production server for watching for changes to rebuild the static site.
      • Lots of other small systems like email notifications, invites and login that would have to be split apart.

      It's not easy to do and it won't be something a designer can set up on their own. We'd like to do it, I think it's smart to do and I fully understand the reasoning and the requests, but number 1, before anything else I just want to release something that's easy to use. I've been a designer for a long time, and just getting a local environment running with anything that has a database is a terrible experience.

      Right now I have alpha testers who have never touched a terminal that get Webhook running in two minutes on WINDOWS machines. That's what I'm most excited about. It lowers the barrier to doing more advanced web design.

      After that's done and after I feel we're supporting the people who are very graciously backing us, we'll turn our attention to self-hosting and it'll be provided in an open format. Hopefully it's something we can hire a new engineer to dedicate their time to so we can fully support that community as well.

      May not be the answer everyone wants, but it's the honest one.

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