Paypal rips Spotify's design(

over 7 years ago from David McKinney, iOS design & dev

  • Nick WNick W, over 7 years ago

    To be completely frank, if it wasn't for the tag line, I would have been content to write it off as a coincidence and think of the theft as not malicious. It's funny how the tagline changes all of that though.

    When a large chunk of the industry is following the same trends and things like Bootstrap allow guys to quickly make something that is visually acceptable, it's hard for me to immediately conclude that are purposely ripping people off. It might not be rigorous design, but it serves its purpose.

    It's a tough line to draw and I think people's backgrounds play a huge part in how you perceive this. As a very rough heuristic (by no means do I think this is universal, it's a generalization), I think developers by trade are much more willing to adopt reuse of designs. Designers by trade and education tend to be philosophically against the reuse of a design (by no means do I think that's wrong, it all depends on context). In some online discussions, I've found artists/designers are more sensitive to what connotes copying compared to developers.

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