• Peter DeltondoPeter Deltondo, 6 years ago

    This is kind the direction we're leaning towards. We used to use Basecamp, and just find it a bit overkill for our needs and tougher to sort tasks, priorities, etc. Just couldn't justify the overhead cost for it when it wasn't matching our need. We may give Flow a 30 day trial and see how it works, the $30/month cost with it for a to-do list was a bit off putting at first, but we'll see how it goes.

    We tested Trello and it got shot down pretty quick. We don't need much in the way of a "project management" tool like Basecamp or Trello, just a shared task list where we can assign things to each other and all be able to look at see what's on the docket, who's got what, and due dates. Slack channels have completely replaced Basecamp discussions for us, it's been great.

    Thanks for the input everyone!

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