Show your Bag/Backpack

almost 6 years ago from Martin Broder, Designer & Developer

  • Nathan LeeNathan Lee, almost 6 years ago (edited almost 6 years ago )

    My dailies

    T-Level Infinity Roll Top -hands down my favorite. roll top for decent weather proofing. ventilated back. side zip entry to the main chamber, side zip to a separate compartment where I stash a lot of valuables that I don't want in the main compartment. External bellow pocket + a weird pocket that's on a flap. It's a little big for 'carry on' and barely fits under airline seats, but it's still my go-to travel bag and can pack about a week of clothes + my laptop. Image alt

    Freight Medium -still going strong after 7 years of beating it up, filling it to the brim with groceries, racing alleycats, hauling carpets/large things I find and it's still part of my daily commuter setup. Image alt Here it is filled with about 100 t-shirts that I screen printed back in the day. I think the bag is about 2800 cu inches... it's nice for fitting everything but I've definitely overloaded it at times.

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