• Jim SilvermanJim Silverman, 9 years ago (edited 9 years ago )

    agreed. it also struck me as odd that the only mentioned attempts to contact Instagram were tweets to an obviously inactive account. i wonder if the author or account owner contacted Instagram directly or reported a hacked account through their incredibly extensive (and Facebook-powered) Help Center before publishing such a damning blog post.

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    • Aubrey JohnsonAubrey Johnson, 9 years ago

      Same thing happened to me (literally, same. they dubbed me "inactive" even though I logged in at least weekly and gave my username to a then-facebook-employee Aubrey Sabala).


      I took it up a layer with a friend who works on mobile at Facebook. He said that's exactly what they did. Took it and gave it to someone at Facebook because they had the ability to walk over to a desk and press the issue.

      Really uncool.

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      • Ryan RushingRyan Rushing, 9 years ago

        Did you get any resolution?

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        • Aubrey JohnsonAubrey Johnson, 9 years ago

          None. I should've done what Hoff did.

          Got the too-bad-so-sad response from the clowns at Instagram and my friend said he could escalate it to Kevin if I wanted. I was pretty discouraged and bummed out at Instagram at that point and just moved on. I didn't really care what Kevin Systrom or Instagram or whomever thought after they robbed the username.

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