Sketch 3.0(

over 9 years ago from David Hoogland, Founder / Designer Moonbase Co.

  • Andrew CrockerAndrew Crocker, over 9 years ago (edited over 9 years ago )

    Why should people coming in later pay, ultimately, less than the rest of us for the same set of features?

    What you say here perfectly describes a subscription software license, like CC too. Imagine Sketch as running on a subscription model as well. Sketch's bills just come every 1.5 years instead of every month.

    Also, who here paid for a newer model iPhone/android when their 2-year contract is up? Buying the iPhone 1 doesn't entitle you to free phone updates forever...

    Metaphors aside, devs gotta eat. I'm happy to pay, and see my payment as a small bit of insurance that Bohemian Coding will be around long enough to make Sketch 4. :)

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