Ask DN: What's the role of a Product Designer?

over 7 years ago from Jitachi Garcia, Designer at Mashape

  • Nick WNick W, over 7 years ago

    I personally think a product designer is basically what the mythical "UX Designer" should be or is best as (for the record, I think the title "User Experience Designer" is a term that's inappropriately used, as most of the time IA, IxD or UI Design is much more appropriate)

    Speaking in the digital realm obviously, a UX Designer is a more 'holistic' position whose job can be wide ranging and isn't just limited to the visible UI. We all know things things like IA, IxD and user research are involved. The general overarching theme is that since a UX designer understands these areas, they can produce a better /experience/ for the user, since there's less breakdown between staff.

    As Max S stated, I think the key of what a product designer is is the product strateegy portion. I often view Product Designers as being a UX with Product strategy responsibilities. To give a practical example, a UX or UI designer is typically given a project with defined product vision, possibly a feature list and told to work from there (some what of a closed problem). Product designers define the product vision and can define what the actual project is (much more of an open problem). Many user "experience" issues are related to things that are hard to change as a UI designer and a product designer can potentially help create said change

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    • Samihah ASamihah A, 7 years ago

      Well said - but I'd also add that a Product Designer should also know how to do the visuals as well. Or at least have a good understanding of it, especially since visual/ui design can have an effect on the overall UX and product strategy/metrics. I guess another way to define Product Designer is that they're sort of a cross between a designer and a product manager.

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