• Liam CreanLiam Crean, almost 8 years ago

    I code. I design. I write. I cook. I walk the dog...

    I like doing/learning. The right and left side of the brain are proven to be the areas that give us empathy/understanding and the bigger picture on one hand, and focus on the other — NOT the aged–old logic/creativity theory. (source: http://www.echoandrepeat.com/video/rsa-animate-the-divided-brain) — If you want to learn to understand both, you can (talent is another matter entirely).

    What I've find is that developers who understand design are actually are a rarer beast than designers who understand development (now expected). So for me the question "why" is mute - should we not now expect this of both disciplines, to properly understand processes and limitations — for a balanced end product?

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