• Joshua ButnerJoshua Butner, 5 years ago

    This looks and works fantastically! I think this approach is honestly the first to actually help me to stay on top of time tracking.

    I don't see anything from a design perspective that I would adjust, only a feature request: have you given thought to letting users add more users in an à la carte fashion?

    Thanks for this beautiful and highly-useable product!

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    • Mathias MikkelsenMathias Mikkelsen, 5 years ago

      Joshua, that means a lot to read – truly. Thanks you! There are so many time tracking apps, and I really do think this is something different, so hearing stuff like this is amazing.

      I have given the à la carte users option some thought, and I do find it interesting. Want to take a deeper look eventually, especially after seeing some feedback and which plans people end up with.

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