Ask DN: What's the role of a Product Designer?

over 7 years ago from Jitachi Garcia, Designer at Mashape

  • Ian SilberIan Silber, over 7 years ago

    Speaking digitally, as opposed to a physical Product Designer:

    A Product Designer (PD) is generalist by nature. A good PD is involved in product strategy and definition early on and assists with ideas, sketching, wireframes, etc. A Product Designer should help lead the conversation from a user-experience perspective. A PD helps with user research to validate assumptions, test prototypes, etc. After the early sketching stages, Product Designers typically get into the nitty gritty and build visual mocks, as opposed to handing it off to a "visual designer". More technical Product Designers prefer to get into HTML/CSS as soon as possible. I think this last part is becoming more and more of a trend. Who knows, within 10 years it may be expected that every designer knows how to do front-end development.

    A Product Designer typically has a healthy mix of four areas:

    1. Product Sense
    2. Visuals
    3. Interactions
    4. Technical Skill

    Each designer will index differently on these points. Some may be more technical, some more focused on product strategy, but the generalist nature is what makes one a Product Designer and not a Visual Designer, Interaction Designer or UIE.

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