Ask DN: What's the role of a Product Designer?

over 7 years ago from Jitachi Garcia, Designer at Mashape

  • Samihah ASamihah A, 7 years ago

    While there are certainly product designers who design physical goods, I think for software it can be used as more of an umbrella term (or as Max S. mentioned, a mix of UI and UX). Designers are still creating products in software. Path is an app, but it's a product. Facebook is a product. Dropbox is a product. Designers at these companies are working on designing products - they're just not tangible products. However, if we're referring to a company's marketing website, a designer for the marketing website is not a product designer since the website is not a product, and rather it's owned by marketing (typically you'll see this with b2b companies. Example: <--marketing site, and their product is an API).

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