Brendan Eich steps down as CEO of Mozilla(

almost 9 years ago from John McDowall, Freelance Ruby & Javascripté

  • Zach ⑊, almost 9 years ago

    No he's not. All he's asking is for you to provide additional solid facts to validate your position.

    Either you can or you can't.

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    • Rob GrantRob Grant, almost 9 years ago

      My position is that Brendan Eich is anti-equality and seeks to deprive a group of people of their civil rights. His donation to Prop 8 establishes this unequivocally. I need not provide any further evidence to validate this position.

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      • Jared ScheelJared Scheel, almost 9 years ago

        My problem is with your poor interpretation of what is donation to Prop 8 means. You have decided that it means he is bigoted and doesn't believe in equal rights. Just because you say so doesn't make it true. Sticking to your own narrow interpretation of a very complex subject gives you the freedom to make poor assertions that you parade as fact. Need I again point to our own president's swaying on the issue? It's not as simple of an issue as you believe it to be.

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    • Todd BurtonTodd Burton, almost 9 years ago

      One time is enough.

      If someone has one act of sexism, they are sexist. If someone supports one cause that goes against equal rights for gays, they are a bigot. It's pretty cut and dry. He doesn't need to provide 'more instances'. One time is one too many times.

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