First go at Facebooks Origami

almost 6 years ago from Jake Chapman, Designeveloperographer

  • Roy StanfieldRoy Stanfield, almost 6 years ago

    This is very nice… trying to understand if Quartz, JS or native prototyping is easier when working inside 100+ person companies. I'm currently diving into the difference between prototype tool and native prototyping and not fully sure if the game hinges on the speed of creating, the ease of sharing or the similarity to native adoption.. My first stab at trying to untangle it all is here:

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    • Jake ChapmanJake Chapman, almost 6 years ago

      We're a very small team of about 9 so I really wouldn't know for sure. Thinking about it though as long as there is a defined structure of showing prototypes, anything should work... the downside to writing actual code though is most of the time it's just thrown out, it's never really production quality code.

      I love the Quartz route so far because It's a simple file that can be added into maybe a Git repo along with a small screencast of the animation if showing stuff to stakeholders, where as anyone on the project working with prototyping has access to the source Quartz file and can resave a new version everytime someone wants to try a new interaction idea.

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