Dustin Curtis—Facebook's predicament (dcurt.is)

5 years ago from Matt Achariam, Intent Renderer

  • Adrian HowardAdrian Howard, 5 years ago

    I have to admit I'm unconvinced.

    For example - I vastly prefers the newer design.

    Yes, the larger images were nice to look at - but they got in the way of actually viewing the content for me.

    My personal newsfeed viewing habits is to give facebook a glance over with my morning coffee. My purpose is to get an overview - quickly. The old "new" newsfeed got in the way of that, especially when viewing in smaller windows.

    Not to mention all the folk who aren't looking at it on large displays.

    Sure - maybe there's a metrics issue too. But I've seen more than my fair share of usability tests where things that my "design" persona liked ended up being disliked by the people who actually use the site.

    Without insights into qualitative measures it's hard to say who's right.

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