Why don't designers take Android seriously?(cennydd.co.uk)

over 6 years ago from Sanchit Gupta, User Experience Lead at MassMutual

  • Murat MutluMurat Mutlu, over 6 years ago

    I might write a reply post but the quick answers (for me) are:

    1) When I freelanced I very rarely got requests for Android apps, whatever startup, agency, etc was hiring me always put their budget into Android first. So typically I would just go where the money was

    2) When I was full-time at agencies, brands typically have a fixed budget for mobile per quarter/year and although it's increasing, it's never normally enough for more than one or two platforms. iOS will always come first, with Android being a 'nice to have'

    3) I've worked on mobile sites and apps for 3 large UK retailers - New Look, M&S and Kiddicare - I can tell you that Android makes such a small portion of their mobile sales compared to iOS that it becomes a easy business decision to delay shipping a version.

    Whether you're in a agency, startup, brand, freelance, full-time etc you can only really do what's in front of you, and when it comes to mobile, more often than not that's iOS design.

    The spin-off from this is that as I spend more time working on iOS projects, i naturally grow my expertise on that platform and know less about Android.

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    • Pratul K.Pratul K., over 6 years ago

      You'll find it interesting to know that in India, it's the opposite. I'm consulting for one of India's largest e-commerce retailers at the moment, and their focus is Android purely because of business reasons.

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