Ask DN: Freelancers, what's your daily schedule like?

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  • Luke Murphy-WearmouthLuke Murphy-Wearmouth, over 4 years ago

    Been freelancing for just under a year, but part of that Is contracting to a big company, which requires a day a week of office time. When I've got days at home it's usually:

    630/7 wake up, shower, have breakfast and get the boy ready for nursery. 8 walk the boy to nursery 830 cup of tea and read the internet 9 start client work 12 break for lunch for an hour 1-3 client work 3-330 usually take a break for a distraction, often picking up my guitar or a book for a bit 330-5 client work and finish off emails for the day

    It's pretty standard 9-5, but I find that keeps things contained to the days I want to work (I work from home 3 days a week). I also have a garden office, which makes that separation between work/home really clear. Another thing that's helped me is using those blocks of time and blocking them out for clients, so I'm not jumping between things. That way you can do work and send it off and get on with other things in the next block. Works wonders for me.

    Also completely agree about bundling meetings, coffees and general out and about activities into full days. If you write them off, it makes you a lot calmer about it than worrying that you're not doing client work.

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