Ask DN: Open source design

almost 7 years ago from Allan Grinshtein, Founder at LayerVault

  • Jeff EscalanteJeff Escalante, almost 7 years ago

    Yeah you're right for sure. I just don't think that's a difficult question to answer compared to the whole copying debate.

    I guess my answer would be yes, there is. Showing a design and offering a psd download is open source design. Twitter bootstrap is open source design. Just design anything, put it on github with the source, and allow anyone else to use it, and it's open source.

    Layervault could take advantage of this by better hosting psd files and making it so that you could edit someone's psd and send a "pull request" back, where layervault could show where the changes were made and offer the ability to review and accept them, as it happens in open source code. This would make open source design easier, but not change the fact that it already definitely exists : )

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    • Chris RodemeyerChris Rodemeyer, almost 7 years ago

      Good point. Interesting direction for the LV product to go, if it had a more of public dimension for those who wanted to open it up.

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