Ask DN: Open source design

almost 7 years ago from Allan Grinshtein, Founder at LayerVault

  • Gavin McFarlandGavin McFarland, almost 7 years ago

    The thought of open source design has got my brain coming up will all sorts of things. When I first thought of this I thought – how could design replicate the online collaborative code spaces the likes Github and Bitbucket? I found it hard to visualise because the end product may not be something you can open source for free, but what about the theory? Can you open source the thought process? Sites like Pixelapse where you share your PSDs to the world, make me believe you can. Perhaps one equivalent to open source design is collaboration? If so, then some of this open source design already takes place at events such as Design Jam or services like Quirky.

    I'd be really keen to see more of this come to life, specially in the product design arena. When will we there be a service that helps designers collaborate to create products which solve a problem without the underlying agenda of making money?

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    • Chris RodemeyerChris Rodemeyer, almost 7 years ago

      I guess we need to unpack what we mean by design, exactly. Few lenses to look at, moving from broad to specific:

      1) Strategy 2) Brand 3) Process 4) Patterns 5) Artifacts

      I see a lot more sharing, discussion, and general willingness to "give shit away" under 4 & 5. And there's certainly no shortage of people writing and about 1-3. I't would be interesting to see a Branch or collaborative problem solving type platform for items 1-4, but I think it becomes much harder to create meaningful systems around it.

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