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7 years ago from Simon Brown, Co-founder @

  • Sean LesterSean Lester, 7 years ago

    This is pretty neat! As people have noted there's not much you can do about people still finding ways to share this stuff but it's a super neat idea and I don't think that kills it at all. I pitched it's use in a meeting today for social/promo purposes. Discount codes for the first "x" customers, etc. It was deemed to edgy for us, which I expected - but it was still fun to share! Also I sent a flirtatious message to a coworker at great personal risk so I've changed my mind this website is a terrible idea! :3

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    • Maciej KaMaciej Ka, 7 years ago

      Hey Sean! That's exactly why we gave it the limited views option. Shame it felt too edgy for now. Maybe one day... !

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