Ask DN: The tech behind your portfolio?

over 5 years ago from John Karlsson,

  • Jordan IsipJordan Isip, over 5 years ago (edited over 5 years ago )

    In the past I've used Rack to host a static site on Heroku for free and take advantage of quickly deploying to heroku via Git. I also had SASS installed and used Cloudflare CDN. I put together this simple repo as a starting point for this setup:

    Having said that, however, I recently moved everything to Squarespace to focus on content rather than design. Their tools make it super easy to manage content and in the past I had an overwhelming tendency to redesign my entire portfolio every time I had the urge to update content...

    Update: After reading other comments, looks like GitHub Pages might be an easier way to handle the Rack + Heroku approach:

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