Ask DN: What do you want in a Designer News iOS app?

almost 7 years ago from Sam Soffes, Developer & Designer at Nothing Magical

  • EJ FoxEJ Fox, almost 7 years ago

    That's exciting, Sam! Look forward to seeing what you come up with (I'm a big fan of Coins and Cheddar and I'm finishing up Execute now)

    My main big request would be Push Notifications for replies to my comments.

    Might be interesting to show the MOTD on load and fling it away like you do with an image in Tweetbot, and it only shows up again when you re-activate the app and it's changed. maybe fling it up to upvote it and fling it down to downvote it

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    • Sam SoffesSam Soffes, almost 7 years ago

      Cool! Ya I'm working with the Layer Vault folks to get some sort of push going. Probably won't make it into 1.0, but definitely at some point.

      I like the MOTD flinking idea :)

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