Ask DN: 4-day work week?

5 years ago from Eric Ressler, Creative Director @ Design by Cosmic, Inc.

  • Spencer HoltawaySpencer Holtaway, 5 years ago

    I have a standing appointment every Wednesday afternoon which is across town and forces me to leave the office around 1pm and then work from home for the rest of the day.

    I rarely bring actual 'doing' work home with me but rather use the time to more loosely think about what I'm working on.

    I have found that my productivity has increased dramatically because I force myself to focus on 'doing tasks' on the half day on Wednesday and genuinely make creative leaps in the afternoon work from home time I would never make in the office with all of its distractions. Better yet, I then usually head to the office a little early on Thursdays to take advantage of the quiet time to do they work related to my Wednesday afternoon thinking.

    In the 9am–6:30pm, Monday–Friday that I had been doing for 3+ years put me in a pattern where all of my time was spent at a desk trying to work in a state of constant interruption with great difficulty focusing.

    Being allowed to respect our individual, natural working/creative patterns in our commercial work (instead of being forced to follow a strict timetable) could be hugely beneficial for workers as well as companies.

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