• Jeff MartinJeff Martin, almost 5 years ago

    Thanks for the feedback!

    Yeah, I agree it's really simple and even bare, but much of the decisions on each screen actually took me a while! Things like which colours to use, which way to swipe, the size of each cell...

    I'm hoping with time those things just become intuitive and I make faster and smarter decisions on those, which will hopefully allow me to go for much bigger-scale concepts.

    All in all, I appreciate the feedback. Something I'll definitely try to get better at in my future works.

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    • Tierney CyrenTierney Cyren, almost 5 years ago

      Oh man, I'm a big idiot! I didn't scroll down, so all I saw was the two Rs. So sorry--give me a minute to look at it further.

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    • Tierney CyrenTierney Cyren, almost 5 years ago

      Okay, so I've got some more comments. First, I agree with Christan that the date is being given way too much emphasis. I would put the two Rs sideways in the middle, as that's generally what that important space is used for.

      I would get rid of the camera icon in favor of a pencil icon, as your application isn't focused on photos. If that area at the bottom is supposed to be a text area, you need to make that more clear. Right now, it's kind of a waste of space. You could easily put a pencil icon in the top. Or you could have a hamburger icon on one side of the header that initiates a slide-in menu that has options for new posts, old posts (archive), manage photos, twitter responses, and so on, and a pencil icon in the other side for new posts.

      The concept seems a bit off--the examples given just look like tweets, not blog posts. I would make it more focused on blog posts (maybe add leading sentences and a "read more" button to each post).

      I don't really understand the Dropbox and Gear icon. Could you explain?

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      • Jeff MartinJeff Martin, almost 5 years ago

        Haha thanks for the feedback! I've also made the "RR" icon a bit smaller - it was probably too big in the first place!

        Yeah, great advice from you and Christian, and I'd probably have to find a better way than a text field at the bottom for the user to enter things, if I remove the "What's happening right now" text.

        Nice catch on the length of each entry looking more like Twitter - actually, I hadn't mentioned it on the Behance project (probably because I'm hesitant towards it), but while designing, I put a "140 character limit" on each entry. Only so it's tweet-able from the app (which is a bad reason to even put that limit there) and to emphasize "logging events" rather than "talking about events" (this might be a more valid reason than the first).

        The Dropbox icon was meant to enable/disable sync with Dropbox just by tapping. I actually committed an iOS-mistake here. Typically iOS 7 icons toggle between "outline" and "filled" depending on the state of the button, and so perhaps I should have respected that convention here. Mostly, I was playing around with the concept of having "Options/Settings" at the bottom of the view, after a swipe up - rather than the standard sidebar/persistent bottom bar, or an always-visible gear icon at the top.

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