• Christian BundyChristian Bundy, 5 years ago (edited 5 years ago )

    Let's remember that design isn't measured by how much there is to it, but how well it serves its intended purpose. Here are my critiques:

    • I think that the date at the top is being given a bit too much priority, and might do better on one line rather than two.

    • I'd prefer "What's happening right now?" to be an icon on the left, like your camera icon. I think that the text is inconsistent with the minimalistic feel of your UI.

    • Give your timeline some texture! I don't mean that you should use a pattern, but give me something more to hold on to than just the time and a horizontal rule. While this probably works well for one-liner text, that photo really throws off your vertical rhythm. I might throw their location, the weather, how bright the sun was (make it up), the lunar calendar, just something more interesting than "type something and I'll save it with the time". I know it isn't an actual app, but give your imaginary users something interesting to play with! :)

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    • Jeff MartinJeff Martin, 5 years ago

      Wow, thanks!

      That third point really struck me, especially the point about the photo throwing things off. That was one I actually struggled with while making this: how to make things consistent with or without a photo (and what about vertical photos, circular... blah).

      The point about giving the user something to "hold on" is also very helpful. I actually didn't even consider texture. And it's most likely because of my tunnel-vision on "flat" and "minimalism", that I forgot that even "flat" design needs to have something graspable for the user. Thanks for the reminder :)

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