I wanted to work at Apple really bad, and now not so much. Walking out on my dream job.(medium.com)

5 years ago from Jordan Price, UI/UX Mobile Designer - jordanprice.co

  • Paul ScrivensPaul Scrivens, 5 years ago

    I have no problem with leaving a shitty situation and applaud you for making the best decision for you and your family, but the way you left doesn't sit well with me. Just because your boss was a dick doesn't mean you should've just left without telling anyone.

    I'm sure others depended on you to get certain jobs done so you let them down. Your boss deserved to be let down, but not your co-workers.

    To be honest it just sounds like you were too scared to have a talk with your boss or HR about this. If your dream was to work at Apple you had a chance to really make it happen by making things better. Maybe you could've transferred to another department or team. What you did was highly unprofessional and hopefully it doesn't affect your chances of finding more work in the future.

    Either way best of luck with everything.

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