• Evan KimiaEvan Kimia, over 8 years ago

    Mailbox - I love how it reminds me of emails Groove - One of the few souls who still has a ton of music on their phone. Groove is a great way to rediscover forgotten tunes. Transportation: Google Maps (for everything). Lyft and Uber X in SF Grooveshark mobile site - to listen to music I dont have on my phone Photowonder - my fav photo editor venmo - Paying With Friends Eventbrite - to see whats going on. I feel like its used more in SF? Airendipity - it's like PostSecret re-imagined with paper planes. Silkscreen- essential if you do iOs design work

    and Appkick, an app I have been working on to share apps with your friends and see what theyve been sharing. Temp site is over at http://appkick.me and the designs have been trickling out over on dribble at: http://dribbble.com/ekimia


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