Carrot: Share Button | Fast, Beautiful, and Painless Social Shares(

over 6 years ago from Manik Rathee, Eng Manager @ Google

  • Luc PestilleLuc Pestille, over 6 years ago

    I think what forces people (usually not the designer in the room) in to using the iframe elements provided by Twitter/Facebook/etc is the number of shares shown, the immediate impact of increasing that number, and the feeling that there's a momentum that grows with that number ("Well, if all these people have shared it, it must be worth sharing").

    If Carrot included those individual share numbers and a total (or the options to do so) - off the top of my head, Techcruch do something similar - I could definitely see myself dropping the iframe solutions and the lazy loading that you have to throw in around them to prevent the bloat associated with them.

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