Macaw is officially out. What are your thoughts so far?

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  • Brett JonesBrett Jones, almost 7 years ago (edited almost 7 years ago )

    Shows a lot of promise so far. Looking forward to putting it through its paces more thoroughly this weekend.

    Some thoughts...

    • It feels a tad sluggish at the moment but it's pretty stable for a preview release.

    • Macaw occupies an interesting position between writing code in a text editor and a visual design tool like Sketch, Photoshop, or Illustrator. The latter tools offer far more powerful features for visual design, so I'm not sure Macaw will entirely replace visual tools for me too.

    • I'd love to see more advanced typography added (specifically CSS text columns for one; I don't have any particularly efficient ways to mockup text columns in Photoshop and Sketch); I could see Macaw becoming a great alternative app to something like Typecast and a good way to experiment with typesetting for the browser.

    • Because Macaw is working with HTML elements, the tools palette looks deceptively limited at first blush. I'm not used to thinking in terms of drawing out rectangular divs for visual elements, so it's just something I'll have to wrap my head around.

    • I'm not yet sure yet how Macaw will fit into my Workflow. Whether I'll use it simply for small static sites or if it can be incorporated into larger projects... Working Files created in Macaw have a .mcw file extension so I'm not sure how nice it'll play with other tools... It obviously publishes standard file formats but I'd be interested in a workflow incorporating shifting from sketch to sublime to macaw interchangeably.

    Might sound a little negative - certainly don't mean to! It's a very promising start and I'll be eagerly following its progress and figuring out how to best fit it into my toolset.

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