Flagsmith - A Flag Building Typeface(flagsmithfont.com)

almost 6 years ago from Robb Schiller, Designer

  • Daniel FeldtDaniel Feldt, almost 6 years ago

    Yeah, why create stuff? Right?! I started out writing a lot of clichéd and pretentious (and not very strung together) words about art, making memories and recording fragments of thoughts and feelings and never to stop learning. But, I think the most important thing is:

    Keep making things.

    ... especially fancy dingle dongles.

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    • Robb SchillerRobb Schiller, almost 6 years ago

      Yeah - That's a great point Daniel.

      Thanks for the reminder.

      As a product designer and someone who's always identified more with engineering than art, this is definitely something I lose sight of often. I constantly look for reasons in things.

      Cheers to fancy dingle dongles.

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    • Dustin KemperDustin Kemper, almost 6 years ago

      Daniel, I completely agree with your sentiment. Make things! Always.

      However, in this instance, I can't think of a use case where I would need/buy this particular product (it does cost money right?).

      I think the engineering of this is amazing and would love to see other incarnations of this idea, as others have stated, for avatar or icon design.

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      • Daniel FeldtDaniel Feldt, almost 6 years ago

        Have an upvote! I agree - hard to see a use case, but on the other hand. Maybe we ain't the target audience? Check their FAQ, they seem to be quite the vexillologists and vexillologists may find these interesting.

        Not sure on how big that audience is tho... So maybe not a "I'm rich, bitch"-kinda situation. :) $25 is not a huge amount and I'm willing to pay it just to play with it!

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