Why cant sketch get basic features right?

over 5 years ago from Nice Shoes, Art Director

  • Nice Shoes, over 5 years ago

    I wouldn't call it negative.

    More like constructive feedback. It's great, it will be awesome in a few years.

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    • Toby KellerToby Keller, over 5 years ago

      "Why can't they get basic features right" and "you shouldn't charge people for a faulty product" is pretty negative. Sketch is still missing what I consider a key feature, and because of that I won't use it, but that doesn't mean I'm not tremendously impressed with what they've built… how close they've become in quality to Adobe products over just a couple years and with a tiny team. Better even, in several ways (background blur, asset exporting…). And for the price! C'mon, there's just no way this isn't a good deal at $50, kludgy guides or not. Every tool has compromises.

      I'm with you in that I'm waiting for it to become a tool that suits my needs better before making the switch, but it's obvious it's already a tool that suits the needs of many, and does it very well.

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