• Osandi Sekoú, 9 years ago

    Along the lines of what Mark W said, even people who have digital products out and live on the web won't always know what you do.

    Ever been asked to design something, but without any requirements or goals? Ever provide an engineer or founder a SOW that entails what involves research and analysis, building use cases and stories, all to have them retort with "Can you just design this widget in an eighth of the time you said you need to design it?"

    Point is that design, for most people, isn't understood because the product is in itself the process. Most process-oriented professions, crafts or skills aren't understood from the top level, which is why stories are such a big part of what we do. Even we have to give it a face and name to really understand what problem it is we are trying to solve.

    Just get better at your craft and tell your story through the things you envision and create. For me, that's the best way I can show and tell people what I do.

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    • alec salec s, 9 years ago

      Love this sentiment.

      "What do you do?"

      "Here's my work, take a look"

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