• Mark WillsMark Wills, over 6 years ago

    When friends or family back in the midwest ask I say: I get to decide what technology looks like, and acts like. Most people get the word interface so I'll say I design interfaces. For the most part I don't go much further into describing it unless they seem interested. I would let go of trying to get people to have a full understanding of what you do, they might not give a rats ass they're just trying to relate—trying talking about the Bears or something.

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    • alec salec s, over 6 years ago

      I definitely don't get hung up on folks not understanding, but rather wondered if anyone had a nice, quick way of explaining it that makes sense to most people. Agreed, most people probably understand "interfaces" as products.

      Ironically, all of my family is from Chicago. So the Bears are a common (albeit sensitive) topic ;)

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