AMA: I'm Justin Edmund, the first product design hire at Pinterest.

almost 6 years ago from Justin Edmund, Product Designer at Pinterest

  • Nate NavascaNate Navasca, almost 6 years ago

    Thanks for doing this AMA!

    Here’s my one question: How does your design team minimize the amount of states that are unaccounted for? To clarify, I mean when the engineering team starts to build out a feature, then during production, weird edge cases are often found that need to be hurriedly designed for. Is there a systematic way to surface these early on in the design process?

    Also, you should stop by the Prismatic office sometime. We’re a young team that’s always looking for people to talk to and learn from. :)

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    • Justin EdmundJustin Edmund, almost 6 years ago

      With the current design tools we have, I haven't found a way to systematically surface those kinds of edge cases. We just design them as quickly as we can. Ideally, you've built early enough that you can allot extra time "padding" to thoughtfully working through those last-minute cases.

      I'd love to hang out! Bradford nags me about it all the time, but we're usually super busy (there's never a drought of things to design!) I'll try to make some time to bring some people over sometime soon :)

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      • Nate NavascaNate Navasca, almost 6 years ago

        Ah, yeah we’ve been experimenting with some tools lately to see how to alleviate some of that painful churn. My guess is building a quick and dirty prototype and hammering on it early on is one of the better ways. Way too many variables going on sometimes to be able to pinpoint it in a more rigorous way.

        And do it! @/DM me on Twitter whenever you guys get a chance to breathe and hang out.

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