• Justin EdmundJustin Edmund, over 9 years ago (edited over 9 years ago )

    How did you get plugged into the opportunity of being the first product design hire at Pinterest? What was the application/interview process like?

    I answered a lot of this to Ryan L.'s question. (I can't link to comments though). Anything you would want me to elaborate on?

    Since you were the first product design hire, early on, was there an unfair amount of pressure or demand on you and what you were designing?

    You're implying that there's not a ton of pressure and demand on me (and the rest of the team) now!

    Yes, I was responsible for everything from business cards to about pages to product work for at least 6 months, and it was both fun and stressful. The oddest request I got was a design for a surfboard for an investor. (I never actually did it)

    At times, did you feel like you were in your own island? If so, share a story or an experience that reflects where the product design team is now compared to when it was essentially just you.

    There were lots of times I felt like I was on an island, and actually it still happens now. I worked on Place Pins for 6 months as the only designer, and even though there's critique twice a week with the Product Design team, its very different than having another designer in the trenches with you. I do have time to breathe and do a few more things I want to do now though, which wasn't always the case.

    A lot of this is just because we've got so much work to do and not enough designers to do it, sooooo.... http://about.pinterest.com/careers/

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    • Pedro CarmoPedro Carmo, over 9 years ago
      1. Oh, sorry I didn't see Ryan's question or your answer.

      2. Ha! Did you have to design the shape of the board or the artwork? Care to share a photo?

      3. I hear you! Nice plug ; )

      (Big ups for doing this AMA, the whole community appreciates it)

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