• Justin EdmundJustin Edmund, over 9 years ago

    I met Evan Sharp, one of our cofounders, the summer prior to graduating when I was interning at CMU. While we weren't ever on the same team, we bonded over our side projects—mine was a product called visually and his being, well, Pinterest.

    A year later, I was in Palo Alto interviewing at Facebook again and he had just left to join Pinterest full-time right down the block. He invited me to "come check out the office," took me in the back room with Ben, and told me they wanted to hire me. I was like, "Oh... uh, okay." I was skeptical because coming out of CMU with all them loans, I wasn't sure a startup that might disappear in months-to-years was the right option for me. Regardless, a few weeks later, the deal was sealed.

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