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3 months ago from Pankaj Thakur, Marketing Manager

  • Pankaj Thakur, 3 months ago

    Messaging matters.

    Your customers are telling you how to improve your messaging. Are you ready to listen?

    EasyUserTest brings the voice of your customers directly to you. See Your Messaging the Way Your Customers Do.

    You’ll get actionable, on-demand feedback on your text and design, direct from the people you need to reach.

    You’ll bridge the connection between what people think, feel, say, and do.

    And you’ll be free to test your messaging wherever it appears: on websites, in ads, or in email copy.

    Build a research study in minutes and have results within 48 hours. For as little as $30.

    Upload any screenshot or URL.

    Choose the test panel that matches your ideal audience.

    EasyUserTest tells you where your messaging works, and where it doesn’t.

    How it Works

    Step 1: Choose Your Content

    Tell us what you’d like to test. Just send us a URL or a screenshot of a web page or email.

    Step 2: Choose Your Test Panel

    Describe your ideal customer base and choose insights you want to explore. Our intuitive interface makes it easy. Our carefully selected test panels are real people, who review your messaging in real-world settings.

    Step 3: Explore the Results

    Our remote testing solution goes to work, gathering the direct opinions of the people you most want to reach. You’ll get a comprehensive report full of qualitative and quantitative insights into your current messaging.

    We’ll tell you how people perceive your messaging, and what drives those perceptions.

    Where you’ve hit the mark and where you’ve missed.

    Where you’re beating the competition and where you can steal their thunder.

    Your ideal customers are out there, giving you a roadmap to more sales and greater market share. EasyUserTest puts that roadmap in your hands.

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