AMA with Jenny Arden (Lyft)

2 years ago from Jenny Arden, Director of Design @ Lyft

  • Jenny Arden, 2 years ago

    Hey Steve,

    Our teams are very integrated and functions are woven together pretty tight. PMs, Engineering, Data Science, and Design work together at the start to gather requirements and review PRDs. Lots of alignment happens upfront. Though designers have their own process for getting to an official hand off (crits, reviews, approvals) PMs and Engineers are invited to all of those forums and often field questions about the strategy and implementation in a design review. We also have separate product reviews which is more focused on the data, metics, and strategy.

    Though we're pretty good at handing off projects to engineering (because they've been in the conversation the entire time) we're still not great at design QA. Making sure what lands in our user's hand is what we intended is achieved through time consuming testing and auditing my individual designers. Engineers also don't always know what it means to finish the work down to the last detail so this can often be a breakdown in the process that we want to fix.

    Hope that helps!

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