Show DN: I launched the first episode of my Design Podcast and I'd love some feedback

12 months ago from Jayant Rao, UX Designer / Curator

  • Emil Edeholt, 12 months ago

    Fun with a new podcast! I find there is too much discussion about tooling here. So in my opinion you could avoid talking too much about software. Much more interested in stuff like: - The latest academic research in ux - Summarizations of important books/authors on design - The design process of different companies - What can ux learn from other design fields? (architects, furniture designers, fashion designers, graphic designers, product designers, etc) - If you have guests I’m much more interested in their work then their life story (not that i don’t care about people, but there are so many podcasts already doing that)

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    • Jayant Rao, 12 months ago

      That is a very interesting opinion. Thanks a lot Emil. Maybe you could send me an email on I'd love to get some more thoughts from you on this. And we could be on a to and fro feedback if and when you have the time :)

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