500+ Free Line Icons for Designers and Developers(lineicons.com)

12 months ago from Musharof Chowdhury, Product Manager

  • Arun PattnaikArun Pattnaik, 12 months ago

    Is the copy deliberately misleading? Not just the title here, but also several places in the website 'A Complete Yet Most Simplified Free Icon Pack Available on The Web', '100% free' etc. You get to know it's not free only after reaching the download page.

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    • Musharof Chowdhury, 12 months ago

      Hi Arun, Thanks for checking out and detailed feedback on contents. I agree with you on some points but, our main goal was just to promote basic free version thats why we mentioned FREE everywhere. BTW, we must be more clear about everything so, changing site contents soon. Cheers

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