AMA with Jenny Arden (Lyft)

over 2 years ago from Jenny Arden, Director of Design @ Lyft

  • Jenny Arden, over 2 years ago

    We just moved over to Figma as our primary tool in January. Dylan Field has already heard this from me but I'm a big fan of what that company has build (also shout out to Noah Levin!). Frankly, I'm so grateful we made the switch when we did because it's made this time of working remotely much more feasible. We're still working with a suite of other tools for various production and prototyping reasons but I think it's fair to say we're a Figma shop now.

    As far as other tools - Lyft is HEAVY on documentation. We use Google for most documentation and share aggressively. We primarily use Slack for cascading info and sharing these docs.

    Lastly, at Lyft we are using a system called the 3Ps (stands for Progress, Plans, Problems). It's a quick and standardized way to share status of projects in lieu of countless standups and syncs. As a leader that's generally in back-to-back meetings I'm so grateful for this system as it keeps me up to date and saves time.

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    • Jordan IsipJordan Isip, over 2 years ago

      That 3P system sounds interesting. Do you mind expanding on it? How often and through what channel is this information shared?

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      • Jenny Arden, over 2 years ago

        Most teams report 3Ps weekly and they writeup three bullets for each P.

        • Progress: Three ways that the team made progress last week

        • Plans: Three things we plan to do this week

        • Problems: Three problems/blockers/obstacles we're facing now.

        We share these on Slack to appropriate audiences. We start at the top (our leadership team will post to the entire company) all the way down to our pods.

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