Come and join my silly Design Jam

1 year ago from Stevie E, Co-founder of

  • Mark Vogelaar, 1 year ago

    I recommend adding some info to the site. For example ownership of the design, can you run of with our design and sell it to the client. Also why not raise the price based on the number of submissions? and then subtract the amount you need for site maintance. 3 dollar upload for a 30 dollar price is a bit much. Nice concept though, good for practice.

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    • Stevie EStevie E, 1 year ago

      Will add a more fleshed out terms and conditions this week, good suggestion. That is my exact plan, the more people that enter the bigger pot, minus the cost of hosting etc. $3 feels relatively cheap for me (less than a coffee), but this is totally relative to everyone I guess. Thanks for the feedback!

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