• Jon LehmanJon Lehman, 1 year ago

    TL;DR: Put the wrong URL on a bunch of prints, fixed it with a rush order of stickers.

    Similar to the first mistake OP mentioned, mine is along the lines of a typo. The company I worked for was launching an online community for their customers. We were throwing a big launch celebration event to get customers registered on the site. Many of the print pieces included the url which was a subdomain of our primary website. Instead of putting "community.ourdomain.com", I put "ourdomain.community.com"... which ofcourse makes a big difference.

    We had already spent so much on printing the typo (brochures, coasters, posters, etc), and it was the morning of the event.. so we ended up rush ordering a bunch of stickers with the correct URL that were perfectly sized to cover each URL.

    I stayed late covering all of the hundreds (thousands?) of wrongly printed URLs.

    Edit: Fortunately, none of the larger prints had the incorrect URL

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