A guide to asking the right user research questions (blog.maze.design)

5 months ago from Elena Luchita, Content @ maze.design

  • Alan Lavery, 4 months ago

    These are great, I've always found asking questions that lead to the discovery of the users goals, behaviours, paint points and context return the greatest insights. Once these are answered, you can use this data for more accurate personas or empathy mapping. I find the three golden questions are:

    1. Why did you visit the app? (Defines the goals)
    2. Where you able to complete your task today? (Yes/No & why not) (defines the paint points)
    3. What would you change about {app name}? What improvements would you make?

    I would always include at least these three questions. I would also include some Likert scale based quantitative questions as well.

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